Chief Restructuring Officer ("CRO"): Leader of strategic transactions and corporate renewal in critical situations.

Debt Restructuring Debt Restructuring

Why KGI?:

  • Experience: For over 30 years, KGI has had numerous roles as CRO and has participated in over $5.0 billion of various forms of transactions.
  • Credibility: With our extensive experience, KGI can help restore credibility when lenders, investors, customers, vendors, and other key parties have lost confidence as past plans and commitments have been unfulfilled.
  • Talent: KGI's professionals have highly specialized talent to manage a magnified workload and deliver results within critical time frames. We can provide individuals or teams to address strategic, operational and financial resource needs.
  • Industries: KGI has experience working in industries such as: consumer packaged goods (CPG), professional services and education, manufacturing, distribution, and retail, among others.

One of the many truths we've learned over the last several decades is the importance of the CRO/CEO partnership. The best partnerships are characterized by mutual respect, honesty, frequent communication, and a mindset where the best ideas are supported by facts and reason.