Supply Chain Efficiency

All companies have a supply chain that must be effectively managed to deliver products and services that meet customer needs at reasonable profit levels. We note that companies that are successful in generating consistent profits in all stages of the economic cycle have mastered the art of supply chain management. In particular, leading companies effectively use a multi-tier planning process to tie together their suppliers, internal and external manufacturing plants and distribution centers with customer consumption needs.

A supply chain involves multiple stakeholders inside and outside the company. Supply chain management and related planning disciplines bring together the language of manufacturing, units, with the language of the sales forecast, revenue. From an organizational standpoint, supply chain management connects the manufacturing organization with the sales organization and aligns both areas with the financial view of corporate performance.

The benefits of an integrated approach to supply chain management are: lower inventory levels, reduced inventory holding costs, improved manufacturing capacity utilization and improved order fill rates. We work with our clients daily to deliver these results.