A key component of The KGI System™ is helping companies transition from a fixed to a variable cost structure, and outsourcing is one of the ways we achieve this. Outsourcing encompasses the transition from internal management of a business function (e.g. distribution, accounting, pre-press) to the external management of that function by a 3rd party vendor.

KGI offers a suite of outsourcing services tailored to the particular needs of a client's situation. Our offerings include:

Distribution and Manufacturing Outsourcing

Our middle market clients have many opportunities to contract with vendors for distribution and manufacturing services to achieve:

  • Lower cost per unit
  • Improved quality
  • Faster turnaround time on customer orders

We have extensive experience in helping our clients answer the following questions:

  • Where should factories and distribution centers be located?
  • Who should own and operate these assets?

Business Process Outsourcing

When it comes to outsourcing back-office functions such as IT, human resources, accounting and other transaction-heavy processes, KGI is an excellent partner. We work closely with our client to quickly define their needs and forge a relationship with the right vendor.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

KGI has developed a particular expertise in Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO). KPO is the next frontier of outsourcing for companies large and small. KPO involves business processes that are less standardized than traditional transaction-oriented back-office outsourcing initiatives. Examples of our KPO expertise include web operations, digital pre-press and editorial processes. Other important KPO areas include medical imaging, market research and legal research functions. Because KPO entails a transition of highly-skilled talent and, in some cases, creative positions, it requires expert guidance to effectively transfer this work to a 3rd-party vendor.

KGI drives a structured process to scope the project and generate proposals from the best vendors, resulting in a thorough vetting and recommendation of the leading candidate. We work side-by-side through the negotiations as your business partner and in lockstep with the legal advisors. We willproject manage the transition and all supporting functions once the decision has been made to implement.

We have a wealth of experience completing the end-to-end outsourcing process in the high-tech, media, consumer products, healthcare, and food and agribusiness industries and bring this knowledge to our client teams on a daily basis. Please contact KGI to learn more.