The primary objective of the KGI Operations Division is to maximize the value of a business. We use a field tested proprietary program called V-max. It is an interactive process that creates and maintains a sustainable best of breed profit performance.

We know that problems cannot be solved and a roadmap created if we don't know where we are in the first place. The “Corporate Clock”, a KGI creation quickly lets our professionals know whether they are; Healthy, at a Crossroads, in a Conflict or a Crisis state. The position on the clock is important for determining the appropriate tools for creating breakthrough solutions.

We then interrogate our tool kit to rapidly identify the major areas for profit improvement and value enhancement.

The book published by Harvey Kibel in 2006 called "V-max" and the book published in 2001 called "The Value Creation Bible for the Mid-Market" still remain classics because together, they fully develop the science.

The tool kit includes, but is not limited to; Six Sigma for quality control, Continuous flow techniques (including Value stream mapping), Supply chain management, Driving out waste, critical path analysis and business re-visualization.

These tasks can be performed in a consulting capacity on a project by project basis or we can manage efforts that are spread across many sites and involve multiple projects that are running in parallel. We utilize as much as possible, in-house personnel to both minimize overall cost and to insure that profit improvements are properly transitioned when we complete our work.

While the Roadmap can help identify the important projects, sometimes clients want us to directly solve a particular problem.

The projects we are often called upon to solve include:

  • Profitability Improvement and Value Enhancement
  • Organization Simplification and Consolidation
  • Supply Chain Efficiency
  • Facilities Consolidation
  • Outsourcing
  • Project Management