Capital Raising

KGI Capital secures and places senior debt, mezzanine debt, distress capital, contingency capital, and/or equity for companies seeking liquidity solutions. We can also negotiate extensions, liquidity increases, and covenant adjustments with existing lenders. Our associated funds - which include a wide range of traditional and nontraditional funding sources - have confidence in our ability to provide companies that meet their expectations and contain the KGI recommendation. Our relationships and expertise can mean the difference between securing and not securing the necessary capital.

In today's rapidly changing and economically demanding environment, planning and timely execution is critical, especially when dealing with matters that have a direct impact on liquidity. Companies need to adapt to these challenges by applying proven techniques for securing the appropriate financing in a distress-ridden market. KGI has represented more than 1,500 companies - and completed over $5 billion in transactions - in both thriving and deteriorating economies since 1984.

Given current market conditions, how can we help a CEO and company create short- and long-term liquidity?

Capital Raising
  • KGI identifies the right financing sources. Who are the traditional sources for a given transaction? Will they be cost-effective or even participate, considering the state of the company or industry? KGI has spent over 25 years identifying and attracting the right financing sources for virtually every type of financing transaction.
  • KGI connects you with the right decision-makers. In situations of aggressive or unconventional needs, many companies initiate what appear to be favorable discussions with financing sources only to discover weeks later that the financing is either not available or too expensive. By maintaining trusted, active relationships with key executives at each institution, our transactions are properly evaluated, responded to quickly, and fairly negotiated.
  • KGI can turn your enterprise value into anattractive investment. Presenting a business plan that articulates the financing needsin both the short- and long-term is critical. Assumptions and strategiesto build enterprise value must be believable and compelling.
  • KGI implements the right deal structures. KGI can typically create multiple structures for any given financing, giving the client flexibility to evaluate tradeoffs among size, covenants and price. This enables negotiation of the best solution with right capital partner(s).
  • KGI provides the necessary talent and resources. All of the above activities are "musts" in completing successful financing transactions. By combining a client's management talents with our experience, aptitude, and relationships, we consistently achieve optimal financings in the required timeframes.
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