"For over 30 years, KGI has assisted Nonprofit Organizations return to a state of mission-driven financial health." - Steve Green, KGI Co-Founder & President


The Challenges and Risks facing nonprofit organizations are increasing and becoming more complicated to resolve. KGI's mission is to Stabilize and Revitalize nonprofit organizations so they can continue to deliver upon their core mission. KGI's practice area for nonprofit organizations focuses on resolving those issues that threaten the organization's future as well as mitigating the liabilities for its Board of Directors and Management.


KGI offers customized Solutions to the specific issues facing an organization. We always work interactively with Leadership in order to leverage our combined knowledge and skills, and ensure that the process is both collaborative and transparent.




Are you stuck?


Need more MONEY?

Missing GOALS?

Lost your FOCUS?

The KGI Approach

Typically, our initial introduction to an organization comes through its Board of Directors, Executive Management Team, Major Donors, Community Leaders or Financial Lenders. We are only engaged when there are clear and meaningful benefits to our work. Additionally, our contracts are simple pay-as-you-go agreements, allowing clients to critically assess the benefits of KGI's work in real time.

We offer initial free and completely confidential evaluation meetings to understand your organization's issues. These meetings allow KGI to identify solutions and provide helpful ideas, as well as determine whether or not KGI can be of service.

The KGI Difference

With 30+ years of advising over 1,500 clients, KGI's solutions have produced meaningful, and often game-changing, results. Our methods have proven the test of time. Our professionals are comprised of seasoned business leaders and financial executives who have skillfully worked within both the corporate and nonprofit industries.

KGI brings a unique combination of keen business acumen, nonprofit sensibility and proven turn-around experience in both the distress and disruption arenas.


Steve Green, Co-Founder & President:
Paul Jan Zdunek, Managing Director:
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