KGI is a leading financial advisor to cities, counties, agencies, non-profit corporations, lenders or other creditors. We help our clients deal effectively with critical financial challenges arising from the current economic recession, major litigation and economic judgments.

KGI's deep expertise in restructuring debts, long term contracts and other financial obligations, combined with our skills in financial and operations planning enables us to provide valuable assistance and support that can help our clients to restore financial stability.

Goverment and Non-Profit

KGI is extremely effective in driving out-of-court settlement processes, and more often than not, we can help our clients avoid a bankruptcy. Generally, our government clients would only consider a Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing as a last resort. We can assist and advise municipalities with out-of-court settlement negotiations that must be conducted before a Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing. Should Chapter 9 become necessary, KGI has substantial bankruptcy expertise providing comprehensive advisory services during these cases.

Our structured approach includes the following activities:


Our team has decades of negotiation experience with lenders, creditors and bondholders. We manage the process and create the necessary debt-capacity, cash flow, interest coverage and liquidity analyses in support of a reorganized, healthy entity.

Please contact KGI to discuss how we can work side-by-side to create a turnaround plan and achieve necessary results.