Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Services

Before you go to war, consider KGI to be your Conflict Resolution Officer. If you have ever been involved in complex litigation or dispute, then you understand the high costs, endless waiting, and uncertain outcomes that can dramatically affect the future, not to mention the emotional distress and distraction from your business and personal life. Fortunately, there is an approach that is driven by business alternatives and solutions that can avoid litigation.

Since 1984, KGI has resolved significant Operational and Real Estate conflicts and when required, litigation, by taking an active role as a leader and strong advocate on behalf of our clients. The common mistake is attempting to resolve these issues alone. The danger occurs when the approach is often based on emotions that only deepen the divide between the parties, making a resolution more difficult. That's why our clients have chosen KGI to lead critical projects, while retaining full control over final decisions during this end-to-end process. We leverage our prior experience in resolving billions of dollars in disputes by utilizing techniques that we have developed since our founding involving thousands of engagements. Please see a few on the Conflict Resolution Services we provide as your Conflict Resolution Officer:

Conflict Resolution

The Conflict Resolution Officer reports to the client CEO, owner or principle, and provides the critical leadership and specialized expertise necessary to cost effectively resolve major litigation and disputes. We drive business solutions that quickly achieve successful settlements.

Our team can:

  • Initiate a dialogue between the stakeholders when communications are failing
  • Develop negotiating strategies and clear economic proposals
  • Negotiate directly with the other principals and decision makers
  • Assess probable outcomes and conduct economic and risk analyses
  • Develop financial strategies including raising new debt or equity and restructuring
  • Evaluate key property, financial and other data and information to enable our clients to make better informed decisions
  • Coordinate 3rd party professionals and cost effectively manage the entire process
  • Project manage and insure timely outputs generated internally and from other professionals

An investment in our Conflict Resolution Services can be a game changer. Our battle tested, senior professionals can act as your project leader to help keep costs to a minimum, develop plans and solutions that work practically, and focus efforts on constructive negotiations that will lead to timely and economically superior outcomes. Our clients maintain complete control over all of the final decisions and agreements.